"Julia Sadler is such an encouragement to all who have the opportunity to hear her speak. She speaks relevant truth to today's young people that they can relate to, comprehend, and trust. My small group is always eager to hear what she has to say and so am I! Not only is she a great speaker, but she is an absolute amazing role model and is always honest in her approach in whatever topic she is discussing. It is my pleasure and honor to be able to work alongside her, learn from her, and listen to her heart and passion for speaking the truth."

AnnaMarie Christian, M.A., LPC,
PhD Marriage and Family Therapy Student

Along with speaking at First Baptist Dallas to 300+ teenagers weekly, Julia also regularly speaks on the following topics around the country! She is able to tailor her talks upon request and cater to the individual needs of her audience!

Speaking Topics:

Rattled: TV Show, Triplets, & Trusting God Along the Way

Pray Big Things: Infertility & Triplet Testimony

Tell The World: Evangelism Training & Encouragement

13 Reasons Why Not: Depression & Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Life Beyond Anxiety: Experiencing Freedom Once & For All

Why God Allows Suffering

Feminism & the Christian Girl 

You Can Sit With Us: How to Survive Bullies

 Living a Legacy: Making the Most out of Your Life Today

Trending Now: What the Bible Says about Depression, Self-Harm, & Suicide

From Ruined to Redeemed : Why it's Never too Late to Follow God

Modern Family: How to Have Healthy Relationships 

Following Christ in a Kanye World: Purity & Dating 

Worth More: Eating Disorders, Self-harm and Identity


Previous Speaking Engagements:

Blush Girl's Conference- February 2011

Broken Girl's Conference- October 2014

Venture Girl's Conference- November 2015

Wedgewood Middle School Assembly- May 2015

Lake View Centennial High School- October 2015

First Baptist Academy Chapel- March 2016

First Baptist Woodway Girl's Retreat- February 2016

South Cliff Baptist Church Singles Retreat - October 2016

North Ft. Worth Baptist Church Student Ministry Retreat- November 2016

Cassata High School- November 2016

Mt. Ararat High School Maine- November 2016

First Baptist Academy Chapel- November 2016

Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Advance Now Podcast- December 2016

Second Monday Women's Professionals Luncheon - December 2016

Mt. Auburn Elementary School- December 2016

REAL TALK: Equipping & Encouraging Parents of Teens- January 2017-March 2017

Mornings with Jeff & Rebecca | KCBI - January 2016

Evening of Prayer: Pro-Life Rally -January 2016

The Summit Singles Ministry - February 2016

Sugar Girl's Relationship Conference- February 2017

Heart Strong Dallas Women's Conference- February 2017 

LifeWay Girl's Conference- February 2017

Fred Jordan LA Missions - March 2017

First Baptist Academy Chapel - March 2017 

Chi Omega Eleusinian Banquet - April 2017 

Young Women's Leadership Academy - April 2017 

Upcoming Speaking Engagements: 

National Eating Disorder Awareness Event- May 2017

Heartstrong Faith - February 2018 

Sugar Teen Girls Conference - February 2018 

First Dallas College Conference - April 2018 

Mornings with Jeff and Rebecca -August 2018

Day Star Television Network - September 2018

Good Morning Texas - September 2018

The 700 Club- September 2018

Don’t Mom Alone - January 2019

Prayer for Life: Roe v. Wade Memorial Pro-Life Service - January 2019

Sugar Teen Girl Conference - February 2019

Heartstrong Faith Conference - February 2019